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Parts to attach Warthog joystick to our frame [this is just for the joystick].  You will receive one mounting plate with pole attached (all hardware included, no tools).  





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Justin B 24th Feb 2018

Excellent Quality

This adapter is the ideal solution for mounting the warthog tm joystick in the center position and should probably be added as an option to the original order system to avoid customers having to order separately. I only wish that it was slightly shorter in length to accommodate stick extensions (common lengths 7.5 - 15 cm), but a hack saw can easily fix this issue if you need a few cm of reduced height. WPS builds robust and flexible modular solutions that meet most mission requirements.

Micah Lemoine 10th Dec 2016

Completes my flight simulation setup

My Hotas Warthog joystick mounts easily to the stand (they even include more screws, which is nice in case one loses the screws that come with the Hotas), which slips nicely into the base of my V2 Wheel Stand Pro for Logitech G27. With this configuration, I can have my joystick in front of me between my knees, just like the configuration in the fighter jets I fly in my simulators. This well-designed (and well-built) product adds significantly to my comfort and immersion while gaming. I highly recommend this product and would purchase again without reservation.

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